Founded in 1873, the Chess Club Luebeck has been one of the largest and most successful chess clubs of Northern Germany for well over a century. Our clubhouse is located in the Sophienstrasse 19-21 in Luebeck. It is open every Wednesday from 4pm to 9pm and every Friday from 4pm to 1am. Throughout the year, we play internal and external tournaments at different levels, but there is always time for a friendly game as well. If you like, you can have a beer and a chat at our bar for a break.
Interested younger members are trained and supervised by a professional chess trainer (even though we are a non-profit organisation).
In the next season eight teams of our club will play in various leagues, ranging from the second German league to the "Kreisklasse" at regional level. The club currently has 150 members of all ages and from several countries. So it doesn't matter how good you are at chess: there will be an adequate opponent for you.
If you have any questions concerning the club, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Here are the latest news (still in German only --- sorry!); and here you can find some information about our sponsors.